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She has been the one continuously, for years, spending time in greater MN, fighting with us. She understands that our struggles are not unique, but that the ways in which they will be best addressed are.Fourth, she is full pro cannabis legalization AND expunging records.I don have much bad to say about Walz. Swanson is a horrible leader (as prior staff have confirmed on the record)Erin is the clear choice for me.”Erin is a nurse, after all, and being a nurse is not about monologues, but rather listening and taking the time to truly understand.

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When a group of people stop eating beef, that just makes it more affordable for everyone else, who in turn start eating more. A group stops driving so much and the others start driving more since the roads are more open.Everytime I see someone on Reddit explain how detrimental this unethical industry is, people try to downplay how important it is to get off our addiction to meat. It is an addiction.

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