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When assembling an American family history, the first place to start is, of course, with the still living relatives. They can provide a wealth of information about one’s ancestors. As they have memories of parents, grandparents, and sometimes even great grandparents, they can offer names, a few descriptions, and perhaps some memoirs and memorabilia.

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Having trends loaded in your swimwear arsenal makes you even more confident in rocking that bikini bod and show the other girls that you have got your summer trends down to a pat. Now get those sun tan lotions ready, as you ride the waves to fashion bliss. Girls, take note, preparation is a must..

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It is embarrassing to read these comments. No matter what side you are on the most important thing is that everything opens safely and people are careful. We don’t know what the impact would have been if the Safer at Home orders had not originally been enacted but since people have started ignoring the order the numbers have spiked.

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